We all know how it works: every braai has a braai master and it is this person who manages and controls the braai to ensure the perfect meal ends up on your plate.


But the question that needs to be asked, is ‘Does the braai master really know what he (or she) is doing?’. Does this self-professed braai expert know that braaing is actually a science that involves proper braai assembly and set up, effective braai lighting skills and proper meat preparation?’


1. Regular cleaning

The easiest thing you can start doing is cleaning your braai regularly. To make it as hassle-free as possible, keep a wire T-brush, braai cleaner and sponge near your braai for quick, easy and regular clean ups.
Amy Whittam, Marketing Manager from Weber, shares some braai tips…


<2. Use kettle braai lid

Just as important is ensuring that you use the kettle braai lid. Keeping the lid on allows the heat to circulate, cooking food evenly and without flare-ups. Every time you lift or open the lid, you add 15 minutes extra cooking time that you can’t get back.


3. Check out your fuel source

Your braai is set up correctly, however, your fuel source and choice is just as important. To make a charcoal fire clean and easy, use a chimney starter. Wait until the coals are completely covered with a white ash layer before you put it on your braai.

If the coals are still grey, the fire will not be hot enough and you will still have smoke.

Briquettes are the ideal fuel choice for your braai as they burn hotter for longer and guarantee at least three hours cooking time, helping you get the best result each time you use them.

4. Prep your meat

Now that you can finally get down to the fun part and start braaing, you need to ensure your meat is properly prepped. Trim excess fat from steaks and chops, leaving only a scant 1/4 inch of fat, which is sufficient to flavor the meat. Less fat is a virtual guarantee against flare-ups and makes the cleanup easier.


5. Check the temperature

Take the guesswork out of grilling. Use a thermometer and a timer that lets you know when it’s time to take the food off the grill. Checking meats for internal temperatures is the best way to determine if the food is properly cooked.


6. Use the proper braai utensils

Use the right utensils. Long-handled tools and long barbecue mitts will protect you from the heat. Use forks only to lift fully-cooked foods from the grill and tongs or turners to turn them – forks pierce food and flavorful juices are lost.
7. Follow the recipe

It’s a good idea to follow recipes carefully at least the first time you try them to learn how a food should be grilled, how it should taste, etc. Then, if you want, you can customise the dish to your own unique tastes.
Hopefully after following these easy steps, your 2016 Braai Day will be a successful one, and you’ll be able to sit back, relax and enjoy a few cold beers with the sun shining down, the smell of smoke in the air and the smiles of satisfied guests around you.
SOURCE: Property 24

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