An essential part of South African culture, braaing is a great cooking technique that has been handed down to us from our caveman ancestors: wood + fire + meat = dinner! The process remains largely unchanged, but we still make mistakes with it. The biggest mistake is braaing everything over the same flame, instead of taking the time to find out how different foods and cuts of meat respond to heat. Once you’ve learnt the basics, though, braaing is simple and fun. Master your braai and delight your diners with these handy braai tips:

Grill Tips

Learn about cooking methods, grilling guides, smoking, cooking times etc! Master your braai and delight your diners with these handy braai tips…

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Looking for a delicious new grilling recipe for tonight? With starters, beef, lamb, pork, poultry, seafood, veggies, and even dessert, Weber has you covered.

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Here are our helpful tips on how to keep your Weber grill functional and efficient.

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Is it ready yet? We’ve all seen grilled food that’s not properly cooked: charred black on the outside, but still pink in the middle. Fortunately, you can avoid this disaster.

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Your Weber® is, quite simply, a cut above the rest and, with the help of the Weber® Grill Academy, you’ll soon share your braai’s elite status.

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