Fresh, seasonal ingredients, real nutrition and sustainable eating all come together with a dash of delicious as part of the Discovery Vitality HealthyFood Studio.

The teaching and dining kitchen located in Sandton, Johannesburg offers both Vitality members and the general public fun and interactive cooking classes to help ignite a life-long love of healthy, appetising cooking.

The HealthyFood Studio is more than just a practical teaching kitchen – it will empower you with knowledge about whole, nutritious foods and how to prepare quick, tasty meals with the freshest and highest-quality ingredients.

Their new state-of-the-art kitchen is kitted out with professional equipment and is an inviting space which provides an ideal environment for experimental learning. Their courses will reinforce and enhance your knowledge and practical skills on cooking methods, time management and planning and meal combinations.

With a range of cooking courses to inspire both beginners and those who are more advanced in the kitchen, both adults and children can be involved in preparing meals at home to ultimately improve your health and diet quality as a family.

The Healthy Braai Course is held seasonally and allows you to learn how to make delicious, healthy braai meals in their state-of-the-art kitchen. Their interactive braai course is the perfect way to learn how to braai the healthy way. Nothing beats a great conversation around a braai with your friends preparing healthy, flame grilled meals!

For available courses and for bookings, please visit the below links:

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