Sharon Glass Cooking School was started in 1986 and has been thriving for 30 years. It caters for everyone, whether it be larger demonstration style courses for up to 50 guests with tastings afterward or smaller more intimate hands-on workshops, where guests get cooking and then sit down to eat what they have made. Sharon varies her courses with themes and seasons. She also accommodates corporates and designs custom menus for team-building which cater up to 50 people. Working from home, Sharon’s school is professional yet personal set in a beautiful garden.


Sharon’s Weber Grill Academy will cater for everyone from a novice to an expert cook. As true South African’s, Sharon and her husband Anthony love braaing and spend many hours experimenting with new and different recipes to try on the braai. Sharon and Anthony love using both gas and charcoal braais to understand the variety of flavours and the cooking times. You will be treated to a fun, delicious and valuable learning experience when attending Sharon’s Grill Academy.


Corporate team building braai events can be customized to suit the client.


Courses can be designed around a theme and can vary from braaing a simple steak to braaing pizzas on the braai.

Course Information


You will cook up a storm on the braai with cheeseless pizzas; Cedar-plank salmon; Steakhouse ribs; Scotch-fillet flap; Grilled veggies & fruit. All food will be tasted by you. Bring a friend, partner or husband and your own drinks and join me for a fun and very informative evening.

  • Please bring your own drinks
  • 1 x 3 hour workshop
  • R 650pp Excl. alcohol
  • 18h00-21h00


A fun, fabulous, interactive BBQ dinner. You will prepare everything from pizzas, chicken, beef, fish, veg and dessert and cook them to perfection on the braai. Then sit down and enjoy it all. Bring a friend or partner. Please bring your own drinks.

  • Please bring your own drinks
  • 1 x 3 hour workshop
  • R600 pp Excl. alcohol
  • 18h00-21h00


Menu examples (this is subject to change):

  • Braaied Cheese Quesedillas
  • Grilled Eggplant with Tahini Sauce
  • Peri-peri spatchcock chickens with shoestring fries
  • Picanha roast with herb oil
  • Sesame and Lime Tuna Skewers
  • Grilled Mielies in their skins
  • Honey Mustard grilled Onions
  • Braaied potato wedges with pesto


  • Dessert Pizza with Berries and Plums


35, 14th Avenue, Houghton

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