There a lot of different options in meats for your perfect burger. Today, burgers are made in many different sizes. That’s what we love most about braaing burgers…the choices are endless! Below are some of the most popular meats for burgers:

Beef: The tastiest blend of beef for burgers is an 80% lean ground chuck. Fat equals flavour!

Lamb: This is another one of Weber’s favourites. Once you get a taste of a lamb patty, you’ll be braaing them all the time! Lamb Rib & flank are your best bets to make the perfect ground lamb!

Turkey and Pork: These are also great choices for burgers and are becoming more popular. Sometimes blending two-thirds beef and one-third pork can create a lighter burger that is very juicy and flavourful. Turkey burgers are a great alternative to traditional high fat burgers. We recommend using a blend of ground white and dark meat for the best flavour.

When shopping for ground burger meat, we recommend you source out your local butcher shop. You may not always know what part of the steer the ground beef is from at your local grocer. You don’t know how fresh it is, when it was ground, or how many times it was ground.

Some other burger tips include:

  • Avoid extra lean ground beef for burgers; they can become dry and tough.
  • It’s best to use ground meat the day it was ground; you can freeze it for a later day.
  • Have the butcher grind your meat twice on a medium grind; this will hold in more moisture and give it a better texture.
  • Indent the centre of the burger with your thumb or the back of a spoon; this prevents the burger from puffing up in the middle and pooling the juices. Better yet, get Weber’s Original Burger Press.
  • Keep the meat cold! Don’t mix the meat to much; it may create a burger that is too dense and heavy.
  • Make the patties 2 centimetres thick and season your burgers with salt and pepper just prior to braaing.
  • Approximate total braaing time will be 8-10 minutes on direct medium high heat-turning once.

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