Would you love to make your own juicy homemade burgersbut have no idea how to make burger patties or where to start? A good burger only really needs three things; a baked today fresh bun, an awesome juicy meaty patty and some great toppings.

We are going to leave finding the perfect burger bun and deciding on the toppings to you and focus on giving you three easy steps to follow to make the perfect burger patty.

Steps to making the perfect burger patty

It’s all about the meat

To make beef burger patties that are both juicy and full of flavour, you need to start with the best possible beef. We make our beef burgers using minced beef chuck, a great tasting economical cut of meat.

Any butcher, even those in the grocery store will be able to mince chuck for you in minutes. Chuck has a good percentage (about 25 %) of fat in it. Fat equals flavour and juiciness, so while we need some fat, regular beef mince on the shelf can potentially contain far too much of it to create good burgers, so remember to check the label if buying off shelf.

Add some flavour

Burger patties need to be really well seasoned before they are cooked or they will just end up tasting bland. There really is no limit to what you can add for flavour. Try herbs both fresh and dried, Worcestershire sauce, chutney or a little tabasco sauce.

Heat things up with spices and chilli or create your own signature patty using cooked onion, diced tomatoes or even cheese. The most important ingredients to add are salt and freshly ground black pepper, always season the meat generously to bring out the flavour of the beef.

Shape and cook patties like a pro

The best way to make burger patties is to get your hands dirty. Start by working the flavour ingredients evenly through the mince. Once the mince is ready, measure the patties out evenly so that each burger patty is the same size as the next. (This will make grilling / braaing them all evenly far easier). To stop the patty from sticking to your fingers too much simply dab them with either water or soy sauce (which will only add flavour to the meat).

Use your hands to shape and roll the mince and then pat it into a good burger shape. If you are up for being fancy, make the burger patties slightly larger than the hamburger bun. When the burgers cook, they will shrink a little and fit the bun perfectly.

All that is left is to grill or braai the patties to your liking. That’s our answer to how to make burger patties that are the highlight of any braai.

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