The Weber  Braai Feature

For The Peter Goffe-Wood Show

By Aimee Eveleigh

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September seems to have seamlessly melted into October. As I write this, it’s a balmy and sizzling hot Spring evening in the Mother City, and I can literally SMELL the fragrant remnants of various braais that have been enjoyed among rooftops from around the CBD from my little top-floor apartment in Long Street. It has been an absolute joy sharing Peter Goffe-Wood’s suggestions and signature recipes for WINTER-TIME braai’s this past chilly season, but for those of who who lean toward the more TRADITIONAL and Summer-Time endeavor of outdoor-cooking revelry, we are now set to deliver to you the most exquisite dishes to prepare on your Weber this Summer.


With the advent of Celebrity Chef’s and their explosion into the South African “foodie” scene in our Country,more and more people are becoming accustomed to venturing outside of the “box” when it comes to entertaining at home. I often quip with Pete, how conservatively South African households used to cook for their families and friends in the ‘90’s. Remember how the typical Saturday Night Dinner for friends of family would consist of a typical Bangers, Mash & Gravy, or if we had a braai, it would be steak, chops and boerie ONLY? These days it seems as if everyone can be a Masterchef if they put their minds to it, but it certainly is thanks to the likes of Social Media and cooking TV Shows like Ultimate Braai Master and Master Chef which have made it possible for people to access simple and convenient ways to turn their cookery skills into something fit for the likes of a TV Cooking show judge!


Thankfully, Chef Peter Goffe-Wood is still very much our South African ambassador for all things BRAAI and this Spring and Summer he has conjured up some simple gorgeous ideas for you to use on your Weber this Season. As so many of us are now very educated on the matters of nutrition and wellness, thanks to movements like Tim Noakes Real Meal Revolution and of course – Pete;s MASSIVE “Banting” -fuelled Weight Loss this past Winter, it is refreshing to see how Pete has incorporated so many of his own waist-line friendly ideas into the recipes he has delivered to us on radio this past month.


Here, we have three signature Peter Goffe-Wood speciality recipes for you to try out on your Weber this Summer, all of which use either seafood or chicken. I think this lends itself to an exciting and refreshing respite from the usual red-meat affair which forms part and parcel of our traditional “braai” here in RSA. More to the point, each and every one of these recipes can have the starch portion of the meal substituted for a complex and banting-friendly carbohydrate if you’re still trying to lose the last bit of the Winter flab before the Holidays. In the case of the Tuna Nicoise Salad, I’d simply swap the baby potatoes for sweet potatoes. In the case of the Tortilla’s, use a lettuce cup out of Cos Lettuce! All the local restaurants are offering this as a Banting swap for wraps and buns, and it works marvelously! In the case of the gorgeous, toasty and chewy Ciabatta we recommended for the Grilled Squid dish, well perhaps you should just enjoy this as is on your next cheat day! But if you are being STRICT with your no-carb rule, I’ve actually discovered the most gorgeous carb-free bread at Woolies that they make with Coconut oil, flax seeds and sunflower seeds. It’s truly sublime and would crisp up really well on the Weber! Please enjoy these three Peter Goffe-Wood Spring/Summer 2016 recipes on your Weber as soon as possible!


Tuna Nicoise Salad:


Mexican Chicken Tortillas & Corn Salsa:


Grilled Squid , Pepper Courgette, Capers & Olives:


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