The Weber Winter Braai Features: Beer Can Chicken

For The Peter Goffe-Wood Show

By Aimee Eveleigh

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Over the course of the last month, we’ve really been hammering home the notion that the classic  “South African Braai” is the PERFECT way to cook this Winter . We’ve also been reminding you on a pretty regualr basis that a braai is actually as equally supportive of your new venture into health and wellness as it is of  asserting your masculinity to your brood.


Peter Goffe-Wood is the face of Weber Grills South Africa, and a full-on ambassador of the Banting movement. Now, if one thing is certain, it’s that this equation matches up PERFECTLY. Take one Celebrity Chef. Add his love for Fresh Meat, Poultry and Seafood. Multiply that by the few months it’s taken him to SHED over 20kilo’s. Then, divide that up into a hell of a lot of time he’s spent cooking fresh sources of Protein on his beloved Weber. That pretty much equates to a marriage made in heaven. Plus , a whole lot of signature Weber-specific recipes being invented along the way.


In thre case of cooking Chicken on the braai, most ofus can agreethat there really is only SO much you can do in this regard. But, what If I told you that you’re about to learn how to create something so decadent, that it’ll almost taste fattening? Thankfully, with the waist-line conscious Pete creating this new Chickien recipe, I can guarantee you , that not only is this recipe going to knock your socks off in the taste department, but it’ll help you stick to your high-protein and low-carb lifestlye plan all through Winter.


Now, it’s been a long time since the idea of enjoying Beer-Can Chicken on the braai was thought of as a novel or exciting recipe.  However, every great recipe ever invented can be reinvented if the right people do the reinventing. In this case, the combination of Peter Goffe-Wood and Weber Grills were put to the task of the “reinventing” in question. We can now attest to the fact that Beer-Can Chicken has never tasted this good, and I’ll bet you my brand new Weber, that you’ve NEVER thought of this INGENIUS twist to that otherwise Classic , but still stock-standard recipe.


Here’s what to do to get the Peter Goffe-Wood result on your Weber the next time you cook a Chicken:




1 Whole Free Range Chicken


1 X Can on Castle Milk Stout


1 X Kilo of Sweet Potatoes ( Just wrap them in foil, and pop them onto the coals as per the usual method )


1 X table spoon of Corn Starch


Salt & Pepper to taste


Method –


Using your Weber, make sure your using the INDIRECT cooking method. Coals must be separated and stacked up on either side of the Weber , heating the food from all around.


Once the temperature is correct and the coals are at the desired colour, open up the can of beer and insert it into the cavity of your chicken. Season the outside of your chicken with Salt & Pepper and place your bird, upright, onto a roasting tray. Then pop the tray with bird into the middle of the Weber and close  the lid of your grill. Leave it to cook for around 45 minutes to an hour, until it’s crispy and golden on the outside.  Cook yiur Sweet Potatoes on the grill by placing them on the coals toward the last 15 minutes of the Chicken’s cooking time.


Now , For The Peter Goffe-Wood Twist:


Once you’ve removed your chicken and sweet potatoes, take all the juices and fat that have collected in the bottom of the roasting tray and pour that into a pot. Then, pour the contents of the can of the hot Milk Stout Beer into the same pot, adding a spoon of Corn Strach to the mix. Heat up the mixture gently on the stove, stirring constantly, until the mixture of juices, fat, beer and starch thickens up. This, makes the most gorgous, savoury, creamy gravy you’ve never tasted the like of , in your entire life. Pour it over your chicken and potatoes as you like, and go ahead and enjoy the most unique and healthy twist of Beern-Can Chicken. Low Carb , High Protetin meals have NEVER tasted this good.

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