Every time I sit behind the mic during one of our shows together, I’m AMAZED by Peter Goffe-Wood’s gift for making food sound more delicious with his WORDS than any PICTURE could elicit. You know how you’ll be watching a cooking channel on the Telly late at night, and even though you’ve JUST eaten dinner, you’re somehow compelled to buy a Cheesecake from The Engen Woolies on Orange Street, just because of the way Justine Drake is making the damn thing look on TV?

Well, take that idea and multiply it by a thousand and you’re not even close to imagining how incredible Peter is at making a BRAAI sound like the best idea in the Universe. Even at 2:00pm on a freezing cold Wednesday afternoon in the CBD.

So with that in mind, we’ve really gone to town on dishing up recipes that you guys can make at home during these last few weeks in Winter, on your Weber”s of course.

Pete’s focus is , and always will be, based around a few “pillars” for an ultimate dining experience: Occassion, Atmosphere, Simplicity & Sustainable/Healthy Ingredients. In other words, the result of your next braai should equate to a PERFECT balance of ALL four pillars, but as long as you have a WEBER, some gorgeous fresh ingredients and a minimum of one “pillar” for Pete’s Ultimate Best-Braai-Requirements, we can give you a pretty good guarantee that dinner will be a success.

So much so, that even if you end up doing a 1:00 am binge-watching session of the BBC food Channel after your guests have left, you won’t be swayed to leave your couch to go and buy Cupcakes. You’ll just mosey on over to the Fridge, have another bite of a gorgeous Lamb Schwarma from the Weber and be SOOOO much happier with that…


THE OCCASSION: Steak Night , Date Night..


So you’ve just met someone special. You’ve done the obligatory restaurant dates, maybe enjoyed an evening of Sun Downers in Sea Point, but now it’s time to take things to the next level. So you tell your romantic prospect about your AMAZING cooking skills. Of course, the way to anyone’s heart is through their tummy’s.

Unfortunately, you’ve promised your date a home-cooked meal that sounds like it rivals something you’re going to be able to get from Luke Dale Roberts at The Test Kitchen. Now What? Well, we can pretty much guarantee you’ll get to second base for your next date night if you cook her Pete’s Ostrich Steaks with Mango & Tamarind Curry, but please listen carefully! This recipe is a FOOL-PROOF romantic SIZZLER that will have your lover eating out of your hand. Almost, literally:


Pete’s Ostrich Steaks With Mango & Tamarind Curry: 




Bring on the party. Nothing says Rugby, mates, beers and a FAT JOL like a Braai. But let’s be frank: If we have to sit through one more tired old Ruggers game around the flat screen, whilst chewing on a Boerie Roll covered in All Gold Tomatoe Sauce whilst the host drinks too much Castle and burns the Chops, we might just call it a day as South Africans.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m all about embracing TRADITION, but there’s nothing wrong with spicing things up and feeding your crew something sensational, that you can whip up INCREDIBLY QUICKLY, without missing all the good bits on the Telly. For this, we bring you: Peter Goffe-Wood’s Lamb Schwarmas For The Boys. It’s like the PERFECT blend of a Jazzed Up Boerie Roll, that has MAX flavour and pizazz, everyone will love it, and you can whip these babies out in two shakes if a lambs tail. Pun intended:


Pete’s Lamb Schwarma’s For The Boys: 




Sometimes, you don’t need to make a big commotion about a good old fashioned braai. Every now and again, nothing says “home” , “comfort” and “good conversation” better  than you, your best mate, a bottle of red and a simple and elegant steak on the grill. Eating clean, simple and fresh shouldn’t be a chore. Make the most out of your Weber by slapping a Rib Eye on the coals and use Pete’s signature twist to ensure it’s a dinner worth repeating every Friday night:


Peter Goffe-Wood’s WEBER Rib Eye Steak 




This was probably my favourite recipe for the month. Peter and I have a HUGE investment in HEALTH-INSPIRED dishes as well as creating meals which use SUSTAINABLY-REARED or Organically-Grown ingredients. There definitely isn’t a single downside to having a braai every night of the week, if you so wish. However, eating red meat every day isn’t the GREATEST thing for the environment.

Nor is using unsustainable meat-products like Salmon or Kingklip. So, Pete has devised an INCREDIBLY waist-line friendly meal which focuses on so many staples in this PILLAR of Braai-Time excellence. The Sardines are one of the most sustainable fish in the Oceans of the World. Added to that, the fact that they are the fish variety with the highest amount of Omega 3 Fatty Acids around, and you have an example of the type of “Fish Braai” you can happily enjoy guilt free every week. If you’re banting, simply swap the New Potatoes for Sweet Potatoes or a fresh salad.

And the peas give the dish that very British “Fish, Chips & Peas” feel, but without the grease or extra calories. This recipe is clean, fresh, sustainable and extremely healthy. It’s one I’ll definitely be cooking on my Weber very, very often:


Pete’s Sardines , Peas , Pancetta, New Potatoes & Mustard Dressing: 


Tune into The Peter Goffe-Wood Show every WEDNESDAY from August 8th 2016 from 2:00pm to catch more exclusive WEBER recipes this month!


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